Buyer’s Guide

Buying a Home
Purchasing a home is most likely the biggest financial decision you will ever make. Whether this is your first purchase or you are an experienced buyer, this decision must be made carefully.

When you feel ready to begin the search contact Michele Morris Realty.  We are professionals, educated thoroughly on the housing market and trained to negotiate on your behalf from purchase offer, to agreement on terms, to closing.

How does a Buyers Agent save you time and money

  1. Buying a home is a detailed process that requires knowledge and discipline to move through the steps effectively.
  2. The buyer’s agent commission is paid by the seller-not you.  Hiring a buyer’s agent is like hiring a personal real estate trainer (to move you through the process) for free.
  3. A buyer’s agent can sell you any home on the market or any home coming on the market.  If you can buy it, a buyer agent can probably help you buy it far more efficiently and at a better price and terms.  At Michele Morris Realty we take this a step further and if there are not any homes on the market that fit your needs, we will go knock on doors and find you one.

The steps of the home buying process
1. Prequalification or Preapproval

  • Guide you to a loan officer offering the best rates
  • Help you obtain prequalification or preapproval
  • Help choose the best mortgage finance place.

2.  Home Search

  • Organize and schedule (with sellers) the home tour (s)
  • Help you see 12 homes in the time you would see 3 on your own
  • Provide ongoing updates and showings of newly available homes

3. Make an offer

  • Help compare select homes to your final criteria list
  • Help make final decision on home
  • Tell you the price paid for comparable homes in recent history
  • Advise on terms and issues related to the offer
  • Fill out purchase offer contract.

4. Negotiating to buy

  • Present the offer to seller
  • Negotiate on your behalf (with constant dialogue) using skills from experience
  • Provide knowledge of each and every concession possible

5. Vendor selection and coordination

  • Advise and supervise on vendor selection (lender, inspector, attorney, contractor)
  • Reliable, proven vendors that perform
  • Coordinate vendor service and progress towards close

6. Closing

  • Perform a Final Walk Through
  • Resolve last minute issues (move-in date changes etc.)
  • Complete transaction

7. Post Closing

  • Assist with any issues that arise after closing

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