Seller’s Guide

Selling a home effectively requires the following preparatory steps:

  • Set a competitive price
  • Michele Morris and Amanda Albrecht will assist you in reviewing the latest market conditions, home sales in your neighborhood and in developing an intelligent price.  See the data on our superior pricing performance as compared to the larger market.  See how intelligent pricing maximizes your return.
  • Establish an broad reaching marketing presence
  • Michele Morris Realty’s aggressive marketing plan is one of the most comprehensive and effective in the area.
  • Arrange for the home to be shown when requested
  • Take steps to ensure that your home shows to its best potential
  • We are experts in helping you stage your home for sale, sell your property at the highest possible price and optimize your return on investment.

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Preparing Your Home for Sale

We’ve provided suggestions below that will help prepare your home for successful showing. Invest in the areas where wear is visible or where the effort and expense will enhance the home’s appearance, thereby making it more appealing, sellable.


  • Trim Shrubs, hedges, trees and lawn
  • Rake up dead leaves and pick up dead tree limbs
  • Repaint or replace a worn mailbox
  • Repair and/or repaint the fence
  • Reseed worn patches in the lawn
  • Pick up all litter and trash
  • Pick up all toys

House Exterior

  • Repair or repaint siding
  • Repaint or touch up trim along the side of the house
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to a worn doorway
  • Wash steps and railings
  • Replace a worn doormat
  • Remove old dirty screens from windows
  • Wash all windows

House Interior

  • Freshen interior paints and finishes
  • Make your home look well-kept and inviting
  • Make sure all appliances are in good working order
  • Replace worn carpets
  • Clean floor coverings
  • Make sure caulk around sink, shower, tub and windows is in good condition
  • Replace any broken light fixtures
  • Make sure each room is well lit

Roof and Chimney

  • Remove debris from gutters and downspouts
  • Repair or repaint gutters and downspouts
  • Check flashing around vents, skylights and chimney for leaks
  • Check chimney for damaged chimney caps and loose or missing mortar
  • Check Roof for leaks

Sell your Home with Michele Morris Realty

What is My Home Worth?

The pricing Analysis is FREE. So take action and call us today.

We hear from condo, single family, and luxury homeowners wanting to know a realistic price for which they can sell their home.  Answering this question depends on a number of factors including: 1 what similar properties have sold in your neighborhood, 2 what did they sell for? 3 When did they sell? 4 How long can you work on selling your home?

When a home is put in “show ready” condition and priced to sell in the current market, it will be shown constantly and sell within the first 2 weeks and at most 45 days.

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