Choosing the right Lender

Get Mortgage Company Referrals Applying for a pre-approval online can help save time and make it easier to get the best rate, but before you decide on a lender, ask for referrals. Friends, family and coworkers who own their homes can be a great source of information. You can also ask a REALTOR® for a

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What you should know before selling a home by owner FSBO

For Sale By Owners dropped to only 9% of all home sales in 2013. Many believe they will save money by selling there home without a Realtor. According to The National Association of Realtors NAR. The typical FSBO obtained 184,000 for a home sold compared to 230,000 obtained by a Realtor assisted sale. FSBO methods

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Buying VS Renting

http://Reasons to Rent There is definitely an upside to renting: Flexibility. Check out neighborhoods if you are new to town or are researching where you want to buy. By renting you can test an area without committing to it. Uncertainty in your career. If you think you might need to move in the near future,

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