Request a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

What is a CMA and why should I care?

CMA stands for “Comparative Market Analysis.”

A CMA is an analysis prepared by your real estate consultant that provides objective data comparing the features of your property to similar properties which are on the list, are pending sale, just sold, or listings that failed to sell. CLICK the link to request a CMA.

The CMA is developed in advance of listing your home for sale. This is a professional assessment of what your house is worth, but not a formal appraisal. The CMA will be employed during negotiations with buyers to demonstrate that your home is prices correctly.

To gather data for a professional CMA, your Realtor will inspect your property (pricing inspection) and list the selling features that drive and support their final price recommendation. This inspection deals with readily viewable features of the home. The home should be in a condition that allows the Realtor to make an accurate assessment of its condition and worth. If you plan to make improvements before selling, inform your Realtor during the pricing inspection.

Following the Pricing inspection we will collect data on properties with comparable selling features through the MLS, use our Market knowledge and contacts in the field to back up the data and when the analysis is complete, review the resulting CMA with you.

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