Why Choose Michele Morris Realty to Sell
Your Home?

Superior execution delivers exceptional results. Our comprehensive sales and marketing skill. including our new state
of-the-art website with buyer matching for our listings ,sets us apart from the competition.

30 Reasons to choose Michele Morris Realty…

  1. We are a very aggressive company. We work to net you the highest possible price.
  2. We are a highly innovative team. Look for us to use the latest proven methods in our practice.
  3. We are well respected in the Real Estate community. We are considered topnotch negotiators.
  4. We have a great reputation. When Michele Morris Realty sign is in the yard, people trust that the home is priced right and is a fabulous listing.
  5. We are available 7 days a week.
  6. We work hard to make our listings show the best. We strive to have one of our buyers choose one ofour listings.
  7. When you call us know that we are capable professionals and will find the answers for you!
  8. We have an array of professionals in many related fields that support our company and our clients. They are prescreened and we consider them the best in their field.
  9. We believe education is the key. We are required to continually educate ourselves and grow!
  10. No surprises with Michele Morris Realty! We have documented proven systems that sell homes. We don’t need to guess at what works.
  11. We know what works and will be honest with you about what is best for you.
  12. We are results oriented people. We only get paid when we help you achieve your goals.
  13. We are never content. We are always striving to be better.
  14. We do what we say we will do! We are only as good as our word!
  15. We deliver much more than is expected of us. We are here to exceed your expectations.
  16. We are a service company! We do not discount our fees, our service to you, or the price of your home!
  17. Each person is treated special no matter what the price range of your property. We value people, not prices.
  18. People can feel that we care, that is because we do!
  19. We do the little things right! Every detail of the transaction is handled. It’s the little touches that make a difference.
  20. We are very aware that we work for you. We have an agreement with you to protect you and get the best deal possible. Other agents may not like this – but our clients do!
  21. We stay in touch with our clients.
  22. You’ll never be passed off to an assistant. We are licensed professionals.
  23. You can reach us by phone or email and we have a fabulous website.
  24. We want to be your Real Estate resource and information center. We are here to help you with anything and everything.
  25. We love our work! We want every client to be a customer for life!
  26. Concerned about a showing? Want to write an offer at 7:00 PM? We are available to help!
  27. Our marketing campaign gives your home the advantage.
  28. We market the areas surrounding our listings for Buyers using an aggressive marketing program.
  29. We are a dynamic team; we are energized and committed!
  30. Michele Morris Realty is well respected in the Real Estate community. Our reputation results in more clients, more buyers, more showings and more offers.

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