Blue is the new Hue

Spring has Sprung and the color blue offers  stunning versatility, here are some great ways to incorporate blue into your home design for a fresh new look.

  • Shades of blue are best paired with paler colors. Blue bedding and walls below are offset with cream accented curtains, bed and rug. This space is both calming and relaxing.


Columbia Dream Home 2014


  • This high styled Kitchen featuring blue cabinetry becomes a focal point, enhancing smaller features like light fixtures and custom hardware.


HGTV Showhouse Showdown


  • Designing a room with darker shades of blue can be a challenge. Too much blue in one space can cause a room to feel dark. Pairing an accent wall with golden elegant accents helps to create a warmer more inviting space.


Downtown Traditional High Rise


  • Painted furniture is a great way to add a hint of color into a room.


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Don’t overlook small spaces as options for rich hues. Adding pops of color can make or break a room. To much of anything is never a good idea, try collecting items in a similar color group from around your home and see if you can create a “color story” in one room.

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