Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover your essential list!

If you dont know about Wayfair weight loss now you know. I furnished a good portion of my house through wayfair and it is great, you dont pay shipping or tax and it gets delivered within a few days. Ontop of being super inexpensive you can not beat it.  Wayfair now has other things amongst furniture check out this awesome Kitchen makeover and how you can get the look.
A large table or kitchen island can easily establish your kitchen as a central gathering spot. The combination of a whitewashed tabletop with weathered, wooden legs gives this table a characteristically vintage farmhouse feel. kosas-home-harbor-dining-tablehttp://

An industrial-inspired pendant light not only highlights the kitchen’s focal point — the table — but also adds an element of modern charm to a bright and airy room.http://

Bring a dose of your garden indoors with trendy yet chic plants like a succulent or small fern. Not only are these plants easy to maintain, they add a pop of color into your white and neutral space.http://

Succulents or plants are a fun way to bring some color into your home. plant them in this wooden terrarium for a rustic look|decor-mirrors-clearance#viewLargerHeroOverlay
A staple in southern kitchens, copper pots shine against white-paneled cabinetry and backsplash tile. Functional and stylish, these pans look even better when they are exposed, and hanging from a pot rack.http://






Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

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